18.07.2016, Egorievsk
Kronospan – commune with nature

During 3 years the company Kronospan in Egorievsk is a patron of a fallow deer family, which has been living in a separate area within the premises of the company since 2014.

It’s common knowledge that any animals are sensitive about natural phenomena, and all the more, about the environment contamination.

Being close to the factory our fallow deers feel at home cheering everyone by their developments: young animals have had grown-up coloration and behave themselves with confidence in relationship with people.

At the end of July 2016 other 11 fallow deers were born, it’s already the second generation coming into being in our fallow deer family.

Currently there are 34 heads, the animals are at the top of form, always have food and water, they are provided with all necessary natural environments.


24.06.2016, Egorievsk

On June 24, 2016 the special event was held in the concert hall of the Egorievsk history and art museum dedicated to awarding «For special progress in education”. 39 graduates of Egorievsk urban district’s schools were honored.

In accordance with the existing annual tradition the company OOO “Kronospan” awarded the graduates of the sponsored school # 5 of Egorievsk on June 25, 2016. Vadim Alexandrov, the head of the security department, on behalf of the company presented certificates and memorable gifts to the graduates having excellence in studies, actively participating in the school life and reaching good sport results. The gold medalist Ms. Afonina Ksenia was awarded with a laptop with the company’s logo.

Also, for the third year in a row, the Elektrogorsk representative branch of OOO “Kronospan” has honored the medalists. The Director of the company branch Mr. Sergey Antoshin mounted the stage in order to congratulate the graduates and to present them PC tablets - Ms. Goltser Evgenia and Ms. Rusina Anastasia.

On behalf of the company OOO “Kronospan” we’d like to wish to the graduates every success in the adult life, achievement of the goals set and good luck on their way of living. We hope that getting into high education institutes they will be properly educated and able to realize their skills and talents to the full extent in the future.

We express hope that such graduates will work for the good of their native town in the future, including work at the company OOO “Kronospan”.

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